22.3 Present Tense of Verbs (Other Second-Conjugation Verbs)

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22.3 Present Tense of Verbs (Other Second-Conjugation Verbs)

In this module, you will learn the present-tense endings of стоя́ти (to stand) and ї́сти (to eat), two commonly used verbs that are part of the second conjugation but are not of the types covered in the previous modules.

Завдання 1

Mark all of the forms of the verb “to stand” in the dialogues below and then answer the questions that follow.


The verb стоя́ти represents a less common pattern of endings in the second conjugation that have the connector vowel -ї- instead of -и-. In all other respects, the endings are the same as in the говори́ти type.

він/вона/воно гово́ритьстої́ть

Note that the endings of the first-person singular and third-person plural are identical but the connector vowel is different in all other forms.

Стоя́ти is the most commonly used verb of this type. You will see another verb that belongs to this type in Unit 23 (боя́тися).

Завдання 2

Complete the sentences below using the appropriate words from the bank.

Завдання 3

Select the most appropriate response to the sentences that you will hear below.

Завдання 4

Read the short texts below and note how the verb “to eat” changes in the different present-tense forms marked in bold. Then answer the questions that follow.

coffee and desert
Я рі́дко їм десе́рт, але́ сього́дні мій день наро́дження. Ми вече́ряємо в рестора́ні, і всі мої́ го́сті їдя́ть торт. Всі пита́ють мене́: «Чому́ ти не їш то́рта?» Тому́ сього́дні я їм його́…
young woman eating sandwich on a croissant
– Алло́, приві́т! Ви вже їсте́?
– Ні, ще не їмо́, але́ круаса́ни вже на столі́.
– А які́?
– У ме́не з ши́нкою, а На́стя не їсть м’я́са, тому́ в не́ї з си́ром.

The verb ї́сти belongs to the second conjugation, but it has irregular present-tense forms that have to be memorized.

тиїси́ (їш)
він/вона/воно їсть

Note that the standard form of the second person singular is їси́, but it is used mostly in formal contexts. Many Ukrainians use the non-standard variant – їш (which has a more regular second-person singular ending) in less formal speaking contexts.

Завдання 5

Indicate whether each of the sentences below is logical or nonsensical.

Завдання 6

Complete the sentences below using the verb forms from the bank.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Complete the dialogues below using the appropriate present tense forms of the verbs in the blanks.  You will need to use some of the verbs more than once.