29.2 Imperatives (Пиши Type)

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29.2 Imperatives (Пиши Type)

In this module, you will continue to learn how to give commands in Ukrainian. You will become familiar with the second common type of imperatives, called here the пиши́ type.

Завдання 1

Read the conversation below and mark all the forms of the verb “to write.” Then answer the questions that follow.


To form the imperative of the second type, one also needs to determine the stem of the verb in the present tense (for imperfective verbs):

писа́тия пишу́ = пиш+упиш-
говори́ти → я говорю́ = говор+ю → говор-

The verbs of this type will all have stress falling on the ending in the first person singular: пишу́, говорю́… Note that verbs of both conjugations belong to this type of the imperative.

Once this stressed ending is removed, the resulting verb stem will end in a single consonant: пиш-, говор-

The ти form in this imperative type adds to this stem: пиши́!
The ви/Ви form adds -іть to this stem: пиші́ть!
The ми form adds -імо to this stem: пиші́мо!

We call this second type of the imperative the пиши́ type.

As with the imperatives of the чита́й type, the пиши́ type includes both imperfective and perfective verbs, with the same rules for their usage applying here (see module 29.1 for an explanation of this usage).

Завдання 2

Read the advertisements below and type in the infinitive form of the imperative that you see.

Завдання 3

You will hear six commands. Select the sentence that would be most likely to precede each command.

Завдання 4

Complete the exchanges below with the most appropriate imperatives from the bank.

Завдання 5

Read the two captions below the images and pay attention to the bolded verbs. Then answer the questions that follow.

a person is sleeping underneath a pillow. their body is covered by the cover and their arm is exposed. They are holding a pair of black glasses.
– Ма́мо, ти спиш?
– Ну, спи, спи!
a little girl is smiling and wearing pink glasses with oval frames.
– Зна́єте, я тепе́р ношу́ окуля́ри… Я не хо́чу їх носи́ти, але́ му́шу!
Носи́, носи́! У те́бе ду́же га́рні окуля́ри!

The verbs with the end stress in the я form that have a consonant mutation in just this form will NOT retain this consonant mutation in the imperative:

люби́тия люблю́ (лю́биш…) = любллюб
просити прошу́ (просиш…) = прошпрос

Please note the following forms:

The ти form: люби́! проси́!
The ви/Ви form: любіть! просі́ть!
The ми form: любімо! просі́мо!

This rule applies to the verbs of the люби́ти type (see module 22.2) with the end stress in the я form, including the -ся verbs like диви́тися. It also applies to the verbs of the сиді́ти type (see module 22.1).

Завдання 6

Select the most appropriate conclusion to the sentence that begins with the command you hear.

Завдання 7

Complete the conversation below with the most appropriate imperatives from the bank.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепер тест!

Complete the dialogue below with the most appropriate verbs from the bank. Put each verb in the imperative form required by the context. Use each verb in the bank only once.

Images courtesy of IgorVetushko, Isabella and Zsa Fischer, Zahra Amiri, Oleksandra Wallo