24.2 Past Tense of -ся Verbs


24.2 Past Tense of -ся Verbs

In this module, you will learn how to form the past tense of -ся verbs.

Завдання 1

Read the dialogue below and mark all past-tense forms of -ся verbs. Then answer the questions that follow.


-ся verbs, like other verbs, form the past tense by replacing the infinitive ending -ти with for masculine singular subjects, -ла for feminine singular subjects and -ли for all plural subjects. The -ся follows these endings.

Мій діду́сь займа́вся пла́ванням, моя́ ма́ма займа́лася пла́ванням, і ми з бра́том тако́ж рані́ше займа́лися пла́ванням.

Завдання 2

Read the sentences below and fill in the blanks with the most appropriate verb forms from the bank.

Завдання 3

Select the most logical way to complete the caption under each image. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 4

Select the most appropriate response to each question you hear.

Завдання 5

Mark all forms of the -ся verbs in the dialogues. Then answer the questions below.


In the past tense, verbs that end with -уватися or -юватися do not drop the suffix -ва-, as they do in the present tense:

захо́плюватисязахо́плювався/захо́плювалася (BUT захо́плююся in the present tense)

одру́жуватисяодру́жувався/одру́жувалася (BUT одру́жуюся in the present tense)

Завдання 6

You will hear six questions. Complete the response to each by providing the correct past-tense form of the -ся verb that you hear. Then answer the questions that follow.

Мовний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Provide the appropriate verb forms in the blanks. Select words from the bank, changing their form as needed. Use each verb only once.