21.2 Present Tense of Verbs (Працювати Type)

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21.2 Present Tense of Verbs (Працювати Type)

In this module, you will become familiar with another group of verbs within the first conjugation that change in the same way in the present tense. You can think of them as belonging to the працюва́ти type.

Завдання 1

Read the dialogues below and note how the verbs change from the infinitive form to the present-tense conjugated forms. Then answer the questions that follow.

Man rolling dough – Що Ви готу́єте?
– Я готу́ю галу́шки.
– Це ва́жко готува́ти?
– Ні, не ду́же ва́жко, але́ до́вго.
shelves of books behind a library desk– Де ти працю́єш?
– Я працю́ю в бібліоте́ці.
– І як? Там до́бре працюва́ти?
– Так, це неважка́ робо́та.

The verbs of the працюва́ти type conjugate like the verbs of the чита́ти type. The only difference is that each verb of the працюва́ти type loses the -ва- suffix in all present-tense forms.

All verbs ending in -увати (like готува́ти) and -ювати (like танцюва́ти) belong to the працюва́ти type.

Some verbs ending in -авати (like встава́ти or дава́ти) also belong to this type. But note that пла́вати, for instance, does not (hence я пла́ваю).

Verbs that have a different vowel before -вати (співа́ти, відпочива́ти) do not belong to the працюва́ти type and retain -ва- in the present tense.

Завдання 2

Mark all the verbs in the present tense in the dialogue below. Note that all of the verbs belong to the працюва́ти type. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 3

Place the lines below each image in the correct order to reconstruct short dialogues. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 4

You will hear six questions about various people’s abilities. Complete the response to each question by providing the correct form of the verb in the present tense. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 5

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate verb forms from the bank to complete the conversation between two neighbors.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Complete the conversation below by selecting the appropriate verbs from the bank and changing their form to the present tense to fit the given context. You should use each verb only once.