4.5 Locative Case (Foreign Loan Words)

4.5 Locative Case (Foreign Loan Words)

In this module, you will look briefly at neuter foreign loan words in Ukrainian and their endings in the locative case.

Завда́ння 1

Look at the pictures and their captions. Note how some nouns that are foreign borrowings do not change in the locative case.

couple on date drinking coffee
Хло́пець і ді́вчина в кав’я́рні. =
Хло́пець і ді́вчина в кафе́.
woman in car
Ді́вчина в маши́ні.=
Ді́вчина в авто́.

Choose the best caption for the photos below paying careful attention to the use of the locative case.

Завда́ння 2

Place the words below into the proper order to create a logical sentence starting with the subject.

Завда́ння 3

Arrange the sentences below into a logical progression that describes locations from the smallest to the largest.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Insert the prepositions в or на where necessary to complete locative phrases within these sentences. Be sure that the resulting sentences make sense! If no preposition is needed, choose the dash.


Images courtesy of Oleksii Leonov, Lina Kivaka, Pikrepo, Pavel, Oleksandra Wallo, pixnio, and Adi Goldstein.