4.4 Locative Case (Endings in -ї and -у)

Interiors of the Gallery of Art in Lviv

4.4 Locative Case (Endings in -ї and -у)

In this module, we will learn about the use of the noun endings and in the locative case.

Завда́ння 1

Note how the forms of the bolded nouns change from the nominative case to the locative case.

art museum interior
tourists on excursion
Це музе́й.
В музе́ї – ціка́ві карти́ни.
Це екску́рсія.
Тури́сти на екску́рсії в мі́сті.

Завда́ння 1

Listen to the audio below, and choose the person (or people) most likely to be found in the place mentioned.

Завда́ння 2

Match the names of well-known people to the field in which they are famous.

Завда́ння 3

Match the place on the left to its correct geographical location on the right. While more than one combination might be possible, there is only one way to pair up all the elements.


Most masculine nouns that end in ок or к will take the ending у in the locative case:

буди́нок – в буди́нку
гурто́житок – в гурто́житку
парк – в па́рку
пікні́к – на пікніку́

Note that the -ок nouns drop the -o- in the locative case.

Remember two very common masculine nouns that are exceptions and form the locative ending according to a different pattern, shown in module 4.3:

рік – в ро́ці
урок – на уро́ці

A handful of masculine nouns that end in other consonants will also take the ending у. These need to be memorized:

сад – в саду́ (‘orchard’)
ряд – в ряду́ (‘row’)
аеропо́рт – в аеропорту́

Завда́ння 4

Note yet another pattern of change that the bolded nouns undergo from the nominative to the locative.

Це вели́кий парк.
В па́рку є га́рні фонта́ни.
Це наш буди́нок.
В буди́нку три поверхи́.

Match the items, places, or people below to the most appropriate locations. While more than one combination might be possible, there is only one way to pair up all the elements.

Завда́ння 5

Listen to the sentences below and for each, decide whether it is reasonable or nonsensical.

Завда́ння 6

Complete the paragraph below by dragging the words into the correct boxes.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Fill in the blanks with the correct locative endings for the nouns, either regular locative , or the less common or .