4.2 Locative Case (в, у and на)

4.2 Locative Case (в, у and на)

In this module, we will continue our use of the preposition в and у with the locative case, but will focus on the distinction between these two prepositions and the preposition на, which can express being “in” or “at” as well as “on” a place or object.

Завда́ння 1

Look at the picture captions and note the difference in meaning between prepositions в and на.

envelope with address
Це конве́рт.
В конве́рті – гро́ші.
На конве́рті – адре́са.

Fill in the blanks with the prepositions в, у and на to complete the descriptions of the pictures below.

Завда́ння 2.

Listen to the recording of a study abroad student describing the Ukrainian city of Lviv and fill in the prepositions that you hear to complete the text below. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завда́ння 3

Based on what you have learned about the use of prepositions in locative with outdoor vs. indoor spaces, choose how the captions for the images below will begin.

Завда́ння 4

Look at the pictures and captions below, paying careful attention to how the prepositions в and на are used.

couple talking
Це хло́пець і ді́вчина. Це кав’я́рня. Це поба́чення. Хло́пець і ді́вчина на поба́ченні в кав’я́рні.
Це студе́нти. Це університе́т. Це заня́ття. Студе́нти в університе́ті на заня́тті.

Note in the examples above that на is used to reference the event (on a date, in a class) rather than a physical location.

Look at the pictures below and then read the short captions that follow.  Indicate which caption goes with each picture and then choose the appropriate prepositions to create a sentence.


A few common locations in Ukrainian are exceptions and take the preposition на instead of в or у.

Remember these two:  на вокза́лі (‘at the railway station’) and на по́шті (‘at the post office’)

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition: в, у or на.

Images courtesy of Укрпошта, Oleksandra Wallo, Oleksandra Wallo, Oleksandra Wallo, Hans Dinkelberg, pikrepo, Oleksandra Wallo, Oleksandra Wallo, Hummingbird_Pics, Koyono, Oleksandra Wallo, Poligrafkombinat ‘Ukraina’, Petar Milošević, Romankrachuk, Oleksandra Wallo, Юля Депеш, Pikrepo, Marco Verch, Ruel Madelo, Pixabay, Serenity Ibsen, Viktor O. Ledenyov, KF, Lee Hnetinka, pxhere.