11.2 Dative Case (Masculine and Neuter Nouns)

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11.2 Dative Case (Masculine and Neuter Nouns)

In this module, you will learn dative case endings for neuter singular nouns as well as for inanimate masculine singular nouns. You will practice recognizing and using these forms in constructions about age and sentences with indirect objects.

Завдання 1

Note how in each dialogue below, the bolded noun changes from the nominative to the dative case—the latter being required to indicate age.

Olimpiyskyi stadium
– Яки́й га́рний стадіо́н! Він нови́й?
– Ні, стадіо́ну вже ма́йже сто ро́ків.
Він назива́ється «Олімпі́йський».
Hotel Zhorzh entrance
– Це га́рний готе́ль! Він стари́й?
– Так, ду́же! Готе́лю по́над* дві́сті ро́ків.
Він назива́ється «Жорж».


Examine the list of inventions below and choose the approximate age for each. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 2

Complete the sentences below paying careful attention to context and to what you have learned about the use of dative case thus far.


The stem changes that occurred in masculine nouns in nominative plural  will also happen in the dative case. For example, the nouns ending with the suffix -ок will drop the -o- in the dative case:

будинок – будинки – будинку
гуртожиток – гутрожитки – гуртожитку

Завдання 3

Complete the short texts to create descriptions of the images below. In making your choices pay attention to the cases required by the context of the sentence.

Saint Sophia Cathedral
Bukovel resort
National Museum of Ukrainian History
Podgoretsky Castle

Завдання 4

Note how the bolded neuter nouns change from the nominative to the dative case in the short text below.

Mill in Huliapole
Це мі́сто Гуляйпо́ле на пі́вдні* Украї́ни.
Гуляйпо́лю ма́йже 250 ро́ків, але бага́то ро́ків це було́ село́.
Мі́сту Гуляйпо́лю по́над 80 ро́ків.


Read the short texts below and mark all the nouns in the dative case. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 5

You will hear the endings of five sentences below. Select the most appropriate beginning for each one.

Transcript – Завдання 5 (.docx)

Мовний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепер тест!

Complete the dialogue using words from the bank below in their correct forms.

телевізор | диван | ліжко | стіл | килим | холодильник


Images courtesy of Валерий Дед, Atieox.  All others courtesy of Oleksandra Wallo.