12.3 Possessive Pronouns (його, її and їхній in Nominative)


12.3 Possessive Pronouns (його, її and їхній in Nominative)

In this module, you will learn the possessive pronouns “his,” “her,” “its” and “their,” the latter of which has different forms depending on gender and number.

Завдання 1

Read the short texts below and note how the pronouns “his,” “her,” and “its” do NOT change depending on gender or number of the noun that follows. Note also that the forms for “his” and “its” are identical. Then indicate whether the statements that follow are пра́вда or непра́вда.

guitar player
Це Любоми́р. Його́ профе́сія – програмі́ст, а му́зика – це його́ захо́плення. Його́ брат – та́кож програмі́ст, а всі його́ дру́зі – музика́нти.
Це Ві́ра. Її́ профе́сія – диза́йн, а малюва́ння* – це її́ захо́плення. Її́ диза́йн ча́сто ду́же моде́рний, а її́ карти́ни – традиці́йні.

*painting, drawing

Це цуценя́. Воно́ мале́ньке, але́ ду́же акти́вне. Його́ інтере́си – це ї́жа* і соба́ки в па́рку. Його́ улю́блене мі́сце – балко́н, а його́ улю́блена річ – це м’яч.


Завдання 2

You will hear six questions asking to whom various items belong. Based on the information about Liubomyr, Vira, and the puppy given in the activity above, choose the most likely response.

Завдання 3

Liubomyr and Vira from the activities above are married.  Caption the images below, paying attention to the different forms of the pronoun “their” in each sentence.  Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 4

You will hear seven incomplete statements about Liubomyr and Vira’s various belongings. Choose the most appropriate noun to complete each statement.

Завдання 5

A passer-by asks Liubomyr and Vira’s elderly neighbor about the animals in the street. Select the correct forms of the possessive pronouns to complete the dialog and then answer the question that follows.

Завдання 6

Vira is showing Liubomyr photos of her extended family. Read the dialogues and fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns from the word bank.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Read the dialogue and fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns from the word bank.