17.4 Genitive Case of Adjectives and Ordinal Numerals (Time Expressions)

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17.4 Genitive Case of Adjectives and Ordinal Numerals (Time Expressions)

In this module, you will work more with the genitive case forms of adjectives and ordinal numerals – as they are used in common time expressions, like “last week,” “next year,” and “on September 15, 2012″.

Завдання 1

Read the captions below and note that both the adjectives and the nouns are in the genitive case in the bolded time expressions.

village scene
Мину́лого лі́та ми відпочива́ли у бабу́сі на селі́. Це було́ ду́же кла́сно! Насту́пного лі́та ми хо́чемо зно́ву пої́хати в село́.
skiers on lift at bukovel
Мину́лої зими́ ми з дру́зями ї́здили на ли́жі в Карпа́ти. Це було́ чудо́во! Насту́пної зими́ ми то́чно пої́демо зно́ву.

Select the most appropriate responses to the questions below.

Завдання 2

Listen to the following statements and select the most appropriate ending.

Завдання 3

Read the captions below and note how “on such-and-such a date” is expressed in Ukrainian: both the ordinal numeral and the name of the month are used in the genitive case, with no preposition preceding them. Note also that the Ukrainian noun for “February” has the form of an adjective and therefore takes an adjectival genitive ending.

valentine's day card
Бага́то люде́й святку́є День свято́го Валенти́на чотирна́дцятого лю́того.
hand shaded with colors of the Ukrainian flag holding an outline of Ukraine
Украї́нці святку́ють День незале́жності Украї́ни два́дцять четве́ртого се́рпня.

Select the most appropriate answers from the bank to complete the sentences below.


Since dates are expressed by means of ordinal numbers, the question word котри́й is used in questions about dates. To ask “What date is it…?”, use the phrase in nominative – Котре́ число́…? For example:

Котре́ сього́дні число́? (Двана́дцяте че́рвня.)
Котре́ за́втра число́? (Пяте лютого.)

Note that in the response, the ordinal numeral will be in the nominative, but the month will be in the genitive!

However, to ask “On what date such-and-such happened/will happen?”, use the phrase in the genitive case – Котро́го числа́…? For example:

Котро́го числа́ у вас весі́лля? (Двана́дцятого че́рвня.)

Завдання 4

Listen to the following questions and provide the most appropriate response to each.

Завдання 5

Read the caption below and note how Ukrainian expresses a range of dates, still using the genitive case forms of ordinal numerals and the name of the month.

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З пе́ршого до шістна́дцятого че́рвня в магази́ні бу́де а́кція: -27% на взуття́ та аксесуа́ри.

Based on what you have learned, complete the sentences below using ordinal numerals in their correct forms.  You will need to read carefully to figure out the ordinal numeral that you need.  Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 6

Mark all the ordinal numerals in the genitive case in the conversation below, paying attention to how Ukrainian expresses the year in which something took place. Then answer the questions that follow.

Завдання 7

Listen to the following sentences and type in the year in digits.

Мо́вний пазл

Look through the activities you have just completed and choose the correct statements below to summarize what you have learned.

А тепе́р тест!

Complete the dialogue below by providing appropriate forms of the adjectives and the ordinal numerals from the bank. Pay careful attention to grammatical context in deciding on the form of each adjective. You will use the first two adjectives twice.

Images courtesy of Oleksandra Wallo (2), Ed Pylypenko, Aurbataao, and Elena Mozhvilo.