Category: Prepositions

9.2 Instrumental Case (Other Singular Endings and Stem Changes)

In this module, you will become familiar with two slightly different, less common endings of singular nouns in the instrumental case.  You will also revisit three common stem changes that occur in some nouns.

9.3 Instrumental Case (Plural Nouns)

In this module, you will learn instrumental case endings for plural nouns, including a few exceptional forms, and will work with all the instrumental case forms covered thus far.

9.4 Instrumental Case (Use of зі and із)

In this module, you will learn when Ukrainian tends to substitute the preposition з with its variants зі and із and will practice distinguishing between two common meanings of the preposition з in food phrases.

younc couple with child descending escalator

13.3 Personal Pronouns (Accusative and Genitive Cases after Prepositions)

In this module, you will learn accusative and genitive case forms of personal pronouns after prepositions, some of which differ from the forms you have seen so far in this unit.

two men backpacking in heavy snow

14.1 Personal Pronouns (Instrumental Case after Preposition з)

In this module, you will learn instrumental case forms of personal pronouns. You will practice using them after the preposition з (=with), which is a common instrumental case context.